Family Office Services


We coordinate with our clients and their tax advisors directly – making sure that 1099s, projected income reports and any other requested documents are directly transferred to tax advisors.

Taxes have a tremendous impact on an individual's overall finances and are an important part of wealth management. While we do not provide tax advice, we have built a network of tax accountants who take a planning, as opposed to simple preparation, view. We seek to establish a collaborative relationship with our clients' tax advisors, leveraging technology that allows us to continuously share and communicate.


Bradley & Company clients benefit from a Wealth Management System technology that allows them to view all of their accounts in one place, get performance and gain/loss data across their holdings and truly analyze their complete financial picture in real time.

We can manage all types of assets, holding accounts across different custodians while presenting the information in one clear, concise view and allow clients to see, for the first time, everything through one, comprehensive, interface.


We can manage the process of evaluating potential lenders, assist you in completing your application for a mortgage or other loan, assist you in managing your checking accounts, and organize bill payments.

Bradley & Company has established direct relationships with several leading financial institutions. This specialized service enables us to work as a liaison between clients and private banks to satisfy checking, business, high yield savings and certificate deposit accounts when appropriate for clients to fulfill their personal or business needs. We will maintain any transfer arrangements you wish to create between your various accounts and help you evaluate the best accounts for your cash.


We can help you make tax efficient gifts to charitable organizations or establish your own Donor Advised Fund or Charitable trusts to maximize tax savings, while achieving your goals.