Wealth Advisory


  • Annuity analysis
  • Balance Sheet and Financial Statement Preparation
  • Buy/sell transactions
  • Disability planning and analysis
  • Education planning
  • Estate calculations and projections
  • Estate liquidity
  • Expense Planning
  • Gift tax planning
  • Insurance analysis and comparisons
  • Long-term care planning
  • Monte Carlo analysis
  • Retirement planning
  • Stock options / restricted stock analysis and execution


  • Inflation spikes
  • Premature death
  • Premature retirement
  • Disability
  • Long term care
  • Bear market


We utilize leading financial planning software applications, with the ability to draft comprehensive and customized financial plans. This holistic approach allows us to create plans for retirement, education funding, disability analysis, insurance, and estate planning.

We can work closely with your outside advisors in order to develop a plan that will meet both your short- and long-term objectives, which incorporates all of your assets, and that's constantly updated online or provided to you in hard copy.


We can maintain your exercise schedule and assist you with maintaining SEC compliance.

In addition to helping you manage stock options or restricted equity, we understand how to best make use of your total compensation and even assess potential employers' offers.

For startup executives approaching an acquisition  or an IPO, we can make use of strategies designed to maximize your after-tax outcome. For leaders in established firms, we can help maximize benefits and optimize option exercises. In firms that allow hedging of the economic risk, we can assess options strategies to protect your equity position.


For clients who work as contractors or small business owners, we can assist you with the selection, implementation and funding of various tax management vehicles, including defined benefit plans and captive insurance.


We can coordinate any gifting or charitable contributions and help you select the most tax advantaged assets to transfer.

We recognize that estate planning, while it is one of the most important aspects of wealth planning, can be a very simple or quite complex. Our focus is on collaborating with a network of estate planning attorneys and assisting clients with developing and executing an estate plan that satisfies their personal and charitable goals.


We will help you select insurance products by determining how much insurance you actually need though detailed cash flow analysis, evaluating offers from various full service and discount carriers. Because we are only compensated by you, we will provide you with truly objective recommendations.