Investment Philosophy

Top stock positions in Bradley & Co. client portfolios

  1. Apple
  2. Amazon
  3. Walt Disney
  4. Alphabet Inc.
  5. Microsoft
  6. Berkshire Hathaway
  7. Starbucks
  8. JP Morgan Chase
  9. Costco
  10. Salesforce

As of 4 Feb 2021 (Source: Morningstar)

Distictive strategy, designed around you.

Our team works with clients to build and manage custom portfolios to meet their needs, goals and values. 

Our philosophy is client-driven. We begin by understanding your goals for the years ahead; We do a deep dive of your finances to understand the overall context of your situation; We discuss concerns, potential risks and prior experience with you family. 

We use best-in-class software to help you understand your needs, test and analyze against various historical (and potential) scenarios, and adjust accordingly. 

Our open architecture gives us a great many options to build portfolios that are liquid, diversified and tax-sensitive. Working with tax specialists and estate planners, we then propose robust wealth management structures, optimized to your unique situation.

To execute your strategy, we'll work with you to select stocks, bonds and other financial instruments to meet your goals. Unlike many other firms, we aren't fans of "enhanced index strategies", separate account managers, or portfolios of funds. While there are certain exceptions, we have found that most "pooled investments" aren't worth the additional costs, illiquidity and risks of underperformance. Our discretionary stock portfolios typically have 10-12 individual equities.

We follow a “global brand equity, growth at a reasonable price strategy”, making investments in companies that are dominant in their industries, but innovaters in their fields - respected by their competitors and admired by their customers. Our goal is for a client to hold a position throughout several market cycles. We look for companies with healthy balance sheets, those that are dominant in their sectors, with a culture of innovation, and strong management teams.

Companies that meet our screens tend to have enthusiastic customers, strong relationships with the communities they serve, an ability to manage crisis, and who operate in established markets; What investors in an earlier era would have described as "Blue Chips".

Our fixed income / bonds strategy is driven by the realities of the marketplace, a client's tax situation, and their overall income requirements. We build portfolios of individual bonds, bond mutual funds and ETFs. Our technique is on cash flow management, inflation risk and addressing the need for liquidity. We also structure income porfolios to have sources of liquidity in various market environments.

Finally, unless structured properly, all of the investment outperformance isn't going to make a difference if taxes eliminate it. For taxable portfolios, our emphasis is on tax management and asset location strategies to reduce taxes, where possible.

More information, including information on our practices regarding alternative investments, and brokerage practices, can be found in our firm's Form ADV.