Our Services

Portfolio Management

We will work with you to develop a long-term investment strategy that aligns with your long-term plans, personal philosophy, current portfolio, and tax situation.

Financial Planning

Using best-in-class tools like eMoney Advisor® and Morningstar Office®, we will build a cash flow and goals-based financial plan that will provide a detailed road map for your retirement and other goals.

Private Banking

Every bank has its strengths and weaknesses. We will leverage our experience to help you choose banking relationships that serve your needs, and for each application (checking, lending, mortgage banking, etc.)

Charitable Planning and Investment

Working with your tax advisor, we will help you identify opportunities to build an execute a strategy that aligns your financial goals with your desire to do good.

Insurance Planning

Because we aren’t paid on commission or by the insurance companies, we can provide truly unbiased advice. Our financial planning will identify insurance needs that will drive your purchase decisions, as we review competitive offers and analyze the factors that lie beneath the premium and rating of insurers.

Tax Planning

Tax minimization and forward planning are a core function of what we do here. We will work with, and help you evaluate, various alternatives for tax advice and provide regular data to your preparer.

Estate Planning

Third-party service providers like EstatePlanGuru® allow us to help clients with simple planning needs. For those that are more complicated, we can work with your attorney to model and calculate the implications of various scenarios.

Stock Options and Restricted Stock (EFS)

We have extensive experience with Rule 144 and 10b5-1 trading plans. We can work with either your firm’s captive broker, execute cashless delivery, and develop strategies with a wide variety of alternatives.